collectivism col‧lec‧tiv‧is‧m [kəˈlektɪvɪzm] noun [uncountable]
ECONOMICS when the state plans and controls the economy of a country and owns the means of production and distribution:

• The Labour Party has moved away from its traditional objectives of public ownership, trade union bargaining rights, and collectivism.

— collectivist adjective [only before a noun] :

• the post-war collectivist welfare state

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collectivist UK US /kəˈlektɪvɪst/ adjective [before noun] POLITICS, ECONOMICS
having a political system based on the principle of collectivism, or relating to the theory of collectivism: »

In the collectivist cultures, the effect of working hours is not as disruptive as for managers working in individualistic, Anglo-Saxon cultures.


Some of his works praised Soviet collectivist ideals.

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